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417 W. Santa Fe Ave. Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(928) 774-7999

Sassy Vixen Fitness is an empowering, confidence building dance and strength workout. Inspired by burlesque, diva dancing, exotic dance, hip hop, ballet & jazz, we’ve created a workout that strengthens your core, tones your legs, sculpts your arms, increases your flexibility and makes you feel beautiful & sexy; no matter your dance ability, size, shape or age.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear? Leggings, capris, dance pants or shorts and a moderately form fitting top (just nothing too flowy.) Smooth soled shoes are best and can be anything from tennis shoes, flats to boots, wedges, low heels to stilettos. 

What do I bring to class? Bring water in a non-breakable container with a lid and a mat for floor work.

What kind of dancing is it? Is it Zumba in high heels? Sassy Vixen Fitness is not Zumba in high heels. SVF is always sexy and always achievable for anyone. You will learn a dance routine to a complete song broken down into 4 sessions. Each session you will review the previous week then add on. The class is structured like a traditional dance class, so we break down and learn the moves for 8-16 counts at a time. When everyone is comfortable we add them to the music. The types of dances vary and include chair dancing, burlesque style strip tease, diva dancing like you’d see in a Beyonce video. Whatever it is there is always a good dose of sexy. We’ve been known to use boas, hats, canes, jackets and other props. The music is as varied as our dances; traditional, rock, country, Latin, pop, hip hop, jazz.

What should I expect in a class? Each class starts with a warm up to increase blood flow to your muscles & joints and increase your body temperature. A variety of strength & flexibility building exercises that target your legs, booty, core & arms are what builds your confidence making your dance routine fluid & sexy.  The dance routines are broken down into small bits that we learn, walk through, add music then build upon. The stretch finale will have you walking out feeling empowered & beautiful.  And it’s all done with copious amounts of fun, laughter & sassiness! (Alternative Fitness Class)

Do I have to wear heels? No. While wearing heels acts as proprioceptive training, teaching your body balance & strength, and will strengthen muscles in your legs & core they are never required. Sassy Vixen Fitness classes can be done in any smooth soled shoes, even tennis shoes if that’s what you’re most comfortable in.

What if I can't dance? No problem! The dance routines are broken down in such a way that anyone can do them. Everyone's style is uniquely their own and that is encouraged, not judged in Sassy Vixen Fitness.

Girls' Night Out

Grab a girlfriend for Tranzend Studio's Girs' Night Out! Open to the public, this is a sure way to have a fun Ladies Only night with all your girlfriends. We start with a cocktail & mingle social in a classy lounge-style ambiance. When it's time to get down to work your host Scarlet D'Tease-mi will lead you through a sultry warm up then learn a sassy dance routine using a chair or other props. Purchase tickets for the raffle to win free weekly SVF classes, free passes to GNO and other great prizes.Check the Events and News page for the next SVF Girls' Night Out. We often have fun themes that attendees are welcome to join in on.

No Dance Experience Required to attend a Girls Night Out event and they are always a non-intimidating judge free zone.

Puttin' On The Ritz Girls' Night Out ▲ ▼


Burlesque Girls' Night Out ▼

Flapper Mania Girls' Night Out ▼

Step Into The Wild Girls' Night Out ▼

Sassy Vixen Private Parties

Celebrate a birthday, bachelorette or other special occasion by booking your very own private Ladies' Night Out.  Go to the Sassy Vixen Parties page for package information and booking.

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