Thinking of joining our STRONG classes, the unique high intensity interval training class where the music is synced to the workout? Here are my top six tips to get you started!

A STRONG class is a high-energy workout and as part of your sweat session, you'll hit the floor for some intense core exercises. Come prepared with the following:

  • Cross-Trainer Tennis Shoes with good support and cushioning
  • Floor Mat
  • Gloves (Optional for floor exercises)
  • Towel to wipe the Amazing & keep it out of your eyes
  • H2O (A lot)

It’s not a competition. Well, not against anyone but yourself. STRONG by Zumba™ is a challenging and intense workout, but options are included at every step to either make the class more accessible to beginners, or challenge the fittest of participants.

Pay attention to the technique cues. They will help you exercise safely and effectively. If something doesn’t feel right - ask! We move quickly from one move to the next, so there is little time for refining technique in the middle of the class. However, don’t be shy to ask about a particular move before or after class - your instructor is passionate about good form and will love the opportunity to coach you.

It’s not a dance workout. Zumba® may be famous as a dance party to amazing global music, but this is different. There is no hip-wiggling or shimmy shakes; the exercises would be familiar in a circuit training class (think squats, burpees, kicks) but the music is awesome and will motivate you to work harder and help you fall in love with the class.

It might hurt. In a good way. You may feel your muscles burning during class as you 'Push Your Limits,' or soreness over the next couple of days. This is a normal response to hard exercise - it's your muscles getting stronger. However, any pain that lasts more than a few days, or is in the joints, rather than in the muscles, is not part of the plan. In this case, don’t suffer in silence; it can often be resolved by improving your technique, or occasionally it may need checking out by your healthcare provider.

You will burn lots of calories! This the magic of the music. In controlled experiments measuring the calories burned by participants doing the same workout either with or without the STRONG by Zumba™ music, those working to the music burned an average of 48 calories more per session. On top of that, due to a phenomenon called EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), which occurs after high intensity interval training, you will continue burning more calories than at rest - about twice as many in fact- for about 40 minutes after class has ended. Get ready to discover what you're really capable of.