Pound is a total body workout and cardio challenge hidden by motivating and electric music and the fun of drumming. Your instructor (Pound Pro) will lead you through a series of pre-choreographed routines where you will literally be drumming on the floor with your Ripstix.

POUND® welcomes participants of any age, level, and ability and musical preference you'll lose yourself in diverse and exciting rhythms, exceptional instruction, and good old-fashioned fun.

Our instructors implement our tiered modification system within every track to ensure that the workout suits the needs and ability of any age or level of participant.

First time at Pound?

  • Watch the instructor for modifications in range of motion and intensity.
  • You will be squatting, lunging and getting down & up off of the floor so your clothing should be able to move with you.
  • You can do Pound with shoes on or in bare feet. You will want to be able to pivot, but you also won't want your feet slipping.
  • You will want an exercise or yoga mat for the routines done on the floor. Tranzend has a limited number to borrow, but you are welcome to bring your own, or purchase one in studio.
  • Bring water to drink in a non-breakable container with a lid.
  • If you're a sweat wiper, you will want to bring a towel to wipe off the 'extra glow'.

What's the class like?

Start with a warm up that incorporates large, rhythmic movements and stick strikes to warm up your muscles & joints. Then move into squats, lunges, twists and lifts for a stronger and leaner physique. Deep, focused movements build muscular strength and enhance muscle definition. In addition, exposure to a multitude of movements and strike patterns ups your neuro-muscular feedback loop, aiding in strength gains. Additionally, moments of intense intervals and explosive movements allow you to improve your anaerobic capacity.

POUND®’s techniques progress you purposefully through 360-degrees of movement allowing you to increase your joint range of motion over time. Ripstix® combined with POUND® techniques keep the body consistently adapting to a shifting center of gravity throughout the workout. Your core will strengthen and your balance will improve as a response to the demands of the workout.