CAUTION: Your Inner Diva may come out in this class!

Learn to strut like women on the catwalk with power and confidence. This feminine class will empower you as a sexual animal, dancer and woman. If you’re ready to meet your sexy side and feel empowered this class is for you!

Dress yourself in something like leggings or capri pants and any top that isn't overly flowy (we don't want you to get all wrapped up in your clothes.)

  • Shoes should have smooth soles and can be anything from flats to stilettos - even sneakers if you prefer.

Class begins with a warm up and diva walks; where you'll learn to walk in heels (even if you aren't wearing any) targeting your ankle and core strength. Once we're warm we'll strengthen and stretch your sexy body with moves you'll recognize, but with a sassy twist! We will get our bodies in motion with slow, core strengthening and then turn up the heat!

Warm & toned we move into nothing but sexy dancing, with and without a chair. Every session is a simple, sassy dance routine customized for women of all shapes, ages and dance abilities so that anyone can do it. Step by step you'll easily learn a dance routine that includes our signature moves like Hip circling, Shoulder dipping, Sexy plies, Booty pops, Snake downs, Bottoms ups, and Goddess lifts.

Once we're confident with the choreography you'll end the class with sexy stretches that will lengthen your body and leave you feeling fabulous.