ZUMBA - Everybody can do it, It doesn't matter if you make a mistake, There is no right or wrong. It's about having fun and moving with the music. Most fitness classes have a serious structure to them. In short, this isn't that. There's a reason we ask you if you want to "join the party" when you start. It's the only workout you'll find where the hour flies by and you'll forget you're not at the club (or home in your underwear). You'll be shedding the pounds shaking your booty, doing the mambo, and swiveling with the best of 'em.

Give it a few tries.

The first class you take may seem a bit challenging especially if you've never danced for fitness. We promise, we've got your back! Place yourself so you can clearly watch your instructor, she will show simplifications for all the steps, by the second class, you'll remember things and by the third, you'll be adding in your own personal flavor and leave asking for more. Give it at least 3 tries and never hesitate to ask any questions before or after class.

Get the right clothing and footwear.

  • You will heat up quickly, so go for light clothing or layers that you can shed at will. Do know that it's all about style, your personal one! Some students will be in Spandex and some will be in baggy sweats. There's no right or wrong!
  • When it comes to footwear, aim for an exercise shoe that has minimal tread that will allow you to float and pivot. If you're going shopping look for those labeled 'Studio', 'Training' or 'Gym' or dance sneakers. Those are designed for the side to side movements of Zumba® and will have smooth soles & a pivot point. You can find them online or plenty of styles are available at

    NOTE: Running shoes are not a good choice for Zumba. They are made for forward only - not side to side- movement, will have a lot of tread & grip and will not have a pivot point for turning. All things that could contribute to an unwelcome injury.

  • Grab one of those unbreakable water bottles from your cabinet (we know you have dozens, just like we do) and fill it up with water, you'll need it during class.

There is no pressure to be super fit.

You do what you can when you can. If your fitness level isn't great, no problem just take it slower - watch your instructor, she'll show you how!